The Art of Home Cinema.
    • The Leica Cine 1 continues the Leica legacy: Moving people through imagery. The invention of the 35 mm standard by Leitz chief developer Oskar Barnack in 1914 proves just how closely Leica is linked to cinema: Barnack's idea was to use 35 mm cinema film for his 35 mm camera. To do this, he doubled the cinema single-frame format from 18x24 mm to 24x36 mm. On the other hand, the legendary Leica Pradovit projectors were produced for decades; and today the successful Leitz high-end cine lenses are manufactured in Wetzlar, Germany – designed to accompany cinematographers in the masterful creation of their visons around the world. Now, with the Leica Cine 1, for the first time the unique Leica look can be experienced in a moving image up to 120”, right in your living room.
  • Leica Cine 1 combines innovative technology and outstanding engineering excellence with iconic, purist design; resulting in a high-precision product that, for the first time, makes Leica quality tangible in moving images. The smart Laser TV mesmerizes with 4K-UHD resolution, crystal-clear Dolby Atmos surround sound, and Dolby Vision for intense color depth and sharp contrast right to the edges. Uncompromising quality - down to the smallest detail.

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    Leica Cine 1 – the first Cinema TV from Leica

    The Leica Cine 1 is the all-in-one entertainment system that delivers authentic home cinema experiences, right in your living room. The smart Cinema TV captivates with outstanding 4K image resolution, immersive Dolby Atmos® surround sound and unmistakable Leica 


    Smart TV with voice control, Apple AirPlay, Dolby Vision® and Atmos®, access to TV/streaming platforms - Leica Cine 1 exceeds modern Smart TV capabilities.

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